Text Log is elegant in its simplicity.

No apps to download or update; no more digging through papers to find that one note you scribbled in a frenzy.
Just simple tracking of the things you love with the click of a button. The process was inspired by the founders’ desire to make sense of their daughter’s behavior by tracking sensory information that triggered meltdowns. They found themselves texting one another in the moment in an attempt to find patterns. This led to the question: wouldn’t it be easier if we could just text one word or emoji and answer a few quick questions to automatically save this data and analyze it later?

The beauty of this format is that it can be applied to literally anything you want to track. Maybe it’s as simple as a calorie counter or medication tracker. Or it could be as complex as multiple vehicle maintenance records for a fleet of delivery trucks. Are you an athlete obsessed with tracking your performance? Build your own set of questions to up-level your workouts and optimize your stats. Do you have a habit you’d like to break? Text Log can help you see patterns that you may not have noticed previously, simply by giving you a quick and easy way to chart your triggers in the moment. You can customize the questions as much or as little as you’d like, and your responses can be as brief (one emoji) or as long (a whole text paragraph) as you want. Through your answers, you will start to see recurring patterns emerge, just as the founders did—they happened to notice that meltdowns were happening at bath time almost every day, which gave them the information they needed to make changes in their bedtime routine.

Once you have input a few logs, you can download reports, export to csv or pdf, and even share with other users. This can be especially useful for medical professionals, therapists, co-parents, coaches, trainers and anyone else who can help you analyze your data. Text Log can even send you reminders to help implement changes or build new habits. Most of all, you won’t need to open several different apps to track the things you love.