Personal Use Case Log Your Daily Workout

We get it, it's hard to not only remember to work out, but to motivate yourself to get up and get out there. It's also remarkably difficult to track what you have done on your own terms - not what fitness apps tell you. That's why logging your workouts with TextLog is almost a perfect use of our platform.

How to: Set up your perfect workout log

  • Log: Decide on what you want to track and what you want to learn
  • Questions: Set up the questions to get the information and metrics that will be beneficial to see over time
  • Reminders: Set up reminders to help you on your path to be your best self

Remember that you can ask questions that are either text based, or number based and they both are very different. Anything text based will aggregate into counts that are filterable, so you can drill down into all your entries to see when you went “running” versus “weights”. If you create questions that are number based, we automatically create a min/avg/max range for you to see how you are performing. Over time, we will introduce even more analysis and graphing to help you understand the data even deeper.

Log: What do you want to track and learn?

There are countless workout apps out there, coupled with smart devices, that provide endless amounts of data that ca help aspects of your fitness but they are all structured to give you the information that they want, how they want. If you don’t need that level of data, a log is perfect for you to see progress, understand trends and more.

runner tracking their workouts with textlog
Running is a great workout to track with TextLog.

Questions: It’s what you want to learn that’s important.

Here is an example workout log that shows entries over time, along with three simple to understand questions with overviews of all of their answers. This is a great starting place, but remember, you can create the questions that you want to answer and track! Some workout logging questions you could use:

  • How long did you workout for?
  • What activity did you do?
  • How much weight did you lift?
  • How did you perform?
  • How many miles did you run?
  • How did you feel?
  • What did you eat before the workout?
An example workout log from TextLog
An example workout log from TextLog.

It just easy. I get a reminder, I go for a run. When I am back, I enter the information that I want to track. That's it - it takes like 10 seconds.

Reminders: “It’s time to do your thing - let’s go workout!”

Working out requires discipline to get results, and getting on-time reminders to keep up your new workout routine or habit is paramount. Sometimes, based on the time of day, you might need a better, more topical reminder to help drive the results you are looking for. That’s why we allow you to customize every reminder that’s sent from each of your logs.

We have used this powerful feature ourselves to help drive the behaviors when we need it the most. Do you workout in the morning? Set a reminder for right after you wake up to get that run in, or get to that class you want to take. Have a bad habit of sinking into the couch after work? Set a reminder for right when you finish up your day to get out there and stay off the couch. Because you set the frequency, time and content of the reminder - you are in total control of what’s possible.

workout log reminders
Reminders can be quite powerful and can be set to motivate you when you need it.

That's it! Get out there and workout.