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The easiest way to log

Forget apps, lists and spreadsheets. Easily text to log anything you need. From workouts, habits, activities, mileage, hydration, nutrition, tasks, behaviors, or anything else.

View Trends and Insights.

Easily see progress and information at a glace through easy to understand and automatically computed ranges, charts and graphs as well as text processing to help you gain insights into your logs.

“TextLog has become an indispensable tool for my husband and me to immediately track our daughter's triggers and outbursts without looking for an app or a pen to help her therapist and us help her. It's truly made our lives better.”

Alma G, Portland OR
Useful insights for your text based logs

Get the information you need.

TextLog is incredibly flexible and allows you to create the questions you want to track for each log. Then, based on the question type, we automatically process all log entries to give you easy-to-understand insights to take action.

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Get reminders when you need them.

Textlog can send you reminders whenever you want them, to help you remember what you need to log and keep you on track.

Set hourly, daily or weekly reminders with customized messages delivered in your timezone, directly to your phone via text. Easily start new log sessions based on the key phrase from the reminder.

Remember what you need to log with ease.

From the Logs

Learn more about TextLog from these articles, examples and tips from our team and users.


Business Use Case (Coming Soon)

Track billable work in the moment

We recently worked with a mechanic who knew they were undercharging their customers because they simply couldn't remember all the things they did for them when it came time to sit down and write out an invoice. We helped them figure out a way to track what they did, on what car, in real-time and increased their business and billables.

TextLog Staff

TextLog Staff

7 min read

Personal Case Study (Coming Soon)

See habit improvements over time

Habit tracking... almost everything out there tries to follow what it thinks is best for you. We think it can be different. Create your own positive or negative habit tracking experience, with the questions and information you want, and track it every step of the way on your own terms.

TextLog Staff

TextLog Staff

7 min read

Log anything through text messages. Start using TextLog today.

TextLog is currently in Beta and accepting new users at no cost as we refine our product offering.

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  • Dedicated US Toll-Free Phone Number

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  • Entry Encryption

* a single credit is used to send or receive an SMS message.

Frequently asked questions

Aside from a device with an internet connection to manage your logs, questions, and insights, you will need a text-capable phone that can send text (SMS) messages to US-based phone numbers. Unfortunately, some carriers still charge to send text messages, so please check with your cellular carrier as you might incur some costs by using our services that we can't control.

That's okay! We want you to use the service as much as possible, but we also want to keep our prices as low as possible so everyone can use our system. It costs us money for every single text we send and receive so we need to make sure we pay our bills. Once you hit your plan limit, we will automatically count any overages and when they reach $5, we will charge them to your card on file. If your plan renews before this happens, the credits will be deducted at the time of renewal. You can also pre-pay for any credits at any time. Regardless of how many credits you have, when your plan renews (monthly) you will be charged and you will receive more credits.

This might be the most asked question we get. On our paid plan, your entries are encypted and can't be read by anyone but you (entries are encrypted to the users log in, so protect your username and password!). If you export or print your log and share it with someone, that is totally out of our control.

Well... anything really. We built the system to be very flexible, so you can log anything as long as the answers to the questions you create fit into either a string of text, or a number. We have plans to add other types soon, including location and photo. If you want to see some examples of logs that you can use, head on over to our samples area here: Sample Logs